School Testing

Return your students and staff safely and comfortably to the classroom

Schools and Educational Facilities, just like businesses and employers, may be eligible to receive funding provided by their state to meet their COVID testing needs. As a participating lab in the Kansas Expanded COVID Testing Program, we are ready to create a plan that works for your school(s). 


MAWD has worked with schools and school districts throughout the pandemic to ensure they can provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. We have never had turnaround times to regional clients of greater than 24-48 hours with over 95% of cases being reported in less than 24 hours. Our established courier system and team of over 220 employees throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are ready to meet your needs. 

For more information on how MAWD can help you bring students and staff safely back to the classroom, please contact Cory Morgan at cmorgan@mawdpathology.com.