Employer Testing

Back to Work with Masks

For questions about our workplace program or registration, please contact Cory Morgan at cmorgan@mawdpathology.com

Are you ready to bring your employees back to the office?

MAWD can help you establish a testing program and monitor employee compliance and exemptions in the workplace. Our program alleviates the burden of self-management for human resource departments.

MAWD is proud to be a participating lab in multiple state testing initiatives and is ready to help with all your testing needs. We have also worked independently with businesses and employers to develop a solution that fits their needs. 

The State of Kansas continues to provide updates on employer-based testing programs. Learn more by clicking the button  below.

Once your application is approved by KDHE, businesses and employers should register with MAWD here: www.c19order.com/ksregistration

  • When prompted for organization type, select 'Service Providing Establishments & Private Industries'.

  • If you have an approval from KDHE, select 'Yes' when prompted.