MAWD works with schools and school districts to ensure students and staff are safe and comfortable returning to the classroom. Let us help create a testing plan that fits your needs.

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Many employers are eligible to receive funding for an employer based testing program. If you're ready to safely bring your employees back to the office, MAWD can help.

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COVID-19 Testing with MAWD Pathology

MAWD Pathology Group was established in 1969 and over the past 52 years has provided professional pathology and reference lab services to over 50% of hospitals and physician practices in Kansas City and the surrounding region. MAWD is a physician owned organization committed to taking excellent care of patients. Everything in MAWD’s organization – the focus on excellence in service, the accountability demanded of the staff, the collegial work environment, the insistence on ethical business, the services offered - is shaped by an underlying commitment to excellence for patients. It's the MAWD Way.

As the premiere independent provider of pathology and laboratory services in the region, MAWD started testing for COVID-19 in March 2020 to support partner facilities in Kansas City. We have never had turnaround times to regional clients of greater than 24-48 hours with over 95% of cases being reported in less than 24 hours. MAWD has maintained critical service levels while scaling lab capacity using a diversified platform strategy to up to 15,000 samples per day without pooling, and up to 60,000 per day with pooling. MAWD employs over 220 team members throughout Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma and includes a courier network that ties the operation together.

We have worked with businesses and employers, schools and school districts, and hospitals and healthcare providers throughout Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. MAWD is proud to be a participating lab in multiple testing programs, including the Kansas Expanded COVID Testing Program. Our lab performs COVID tests on upper respiratory (nasal swab, NP, OP, etc.), lower respiratory (sputum, BAL, etc.), and saliva specimens. We have solutions to fit any COVID-19 testing need and are ready to work with you.